Latin, Spiritual & Jazz Piano Duet

John Kember

Duet Collection - 10 pieces for Piano Duet in Latin, Spiritual and Jazz Styles

Schott ED 12842 ISMN M-2201-2331-3

The "Duet Collection" consists of 10 popular pieces from three books in the "On the Lighter Side" series; "9 Pieces for Piano Duet", "Latin Pieces for Piano Duet" and "12 Spirituals for Piano Solo and Duet".

In most cases these are in teacher/pupil format.

In addition to offering a balanced and varied selection, a CD is included to enhance the performer's perception of these styles and to provide separate tracks of the teacher's part for the pupil to play along to.

First published in 2005, Latin, Spiritual & Jazz Piano Duet is intended for Grades 3 to 6. It has 10 original compositions on 55 pages.
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CD Included!

including separate tracks of the teacher's part for the pupil to play along to

The 10 pieces included in this collection are:

What they say

“arrangements true to the originals and compositions beautiful, stylish and delightfully pianistic” “I always send up a quick cheer when I see anything by John Kember, as his arrangements are true to the originals and his compositions beautiful, stylish and delightfully pianistic.”
Fiona Lau, 'Music Teacher', March 2010

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On the Lighter Side
Ragtime - 15 pieces for Piano Solo (Schott)
Fun, rhythmic pieces including rags, two-steps and cakewalks. For grade 3 and above. Ragtime is invaluable in helping to maintain a constant left-hand beat and in developing the independence of hands necessary to keep the right hand free, fluid and accurately syncopated.
Solo collection - 15 pieces for piano in Blues, Spiritual and Jazz Styles (Schott)
This collection consists of 15 pieces taken from three of the books in the "On the Lighter Side" series, in a progressive range of difficulty.
The pieces originally appeared in "16 pieces for Piano Solo", "Blues Pieces for Piano Solo" and "12 Spirituals for Piano Solo and Duet".
In addition to this balanced and varied selection a CD is included with recordings of all 15 pieces by the composer.
Rock and Soul Styles, 18 Pieces for Piano Solo (Schott)
Rock music has been at the heart of popular culture for over half a century, though its roots lie in the Gospel music and Rhythm and Blues of decades earlier. The styles in this collection represent mainly the middle, high point of its popularity.
All these pieces depend on syncopation to varying degrees but share the steady pulse and often driving bass line common to all. They may differ in difficuulty and harmonic complexity, but share the 'straight' quavers common in all rock styles to the present day.
Blues Pieces for Piano Solo (Schott)
Rather than attempt to recreate the original early blues in these pieces, aspects of the varying moods of the blues are explored. In some pieces parts of the blues scale are used to convey the feeling. In others the tempo or the chords are the prime source of mood. The result, hopefully, is a variety of 'shades of blue' for which the titles may help to indicate the depth of 'blueness'.
Latin pieces for Piano Duet (Schott)
The Tango, Beguine, Bossa Nova, Samba, Salsa, Lambada and Rumba are all headed with historical notes. The dances are on the lighter side, but always melodious and rhythmically appealing. Pupils of all ages will enjoy playing these original dance tune. The secondo (bass) parts are always a little more complex, with many more chords than the easier primo parts.
12 Spirituals for piano solo and duet (Schott)
A new addition to this popular series of piano pieces, this collection consists of 7 solos and 5 duets from John Kember. Well known tunes with a swing, good fun and nicely done.
10 Christmas Carols for Piano Duet (Schott)
Dual versions of 10 well-known Christmas Carols to give wider access to pupils of all ages. The initial versions are generally straightforward while the second presents a more updated and sometimes up-tempo version to give variety and a fresh approach to some familiar tunes. Intended for teacher and pupil, in many of these carols the pupil's left hand is optional, widening the scope of these arrangements to suit relative beginners, or even to include use with other instruments.
9 pieces for Piano Duet (Schott)
This collection of 9 pieces for piano duet provides an ideal introduction to playing in jazz styles, including rock, latin, swing, ballad and ragtime. The teacher's part (secondo) provides the basic rhythm and 'groove' while the pupil (primo) has an easier part.
16 pieces for Piano Solo (Schott)
16 short, easy pieces in a variety of jazz-inspired styles providing a wide-ranging introduction to swing and rock phrasing, use of blue notes and pentatonic melodies, walking bass and syncopated rhythms, plus some more reflective pieces exploring jazz harmonies.

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